Face milling made easy

With the ETAtec 45P, Boehlerit is launching a multi-functional tooling system for simplified milling processes. The Austrian cutting material specialist is extending its milling tool range by adding another product for face milling applications. The ETAtec 45P is a seven-edged face milling cutter with an approach angle of 45 degrees and a ... [Continue Reading]

Roughing without worrying about the cost!

With the ZETAtec 90N, Boehlerit has launched a new roughing tool with a sensationally low cost factor per blade. The new ZETAtec 90N is all about cost-effectiveness and constitutes the latest addition to the milling programme of Austrian cutting material specialist Boehlerit. A total of six cutting edges maximise productivity while keeping ... [Continue Reading]

Targeted cooling at the blade

Boehlerit is adding yet another element to its already extensive product portfolio for turning op-erations: tool holders with connections for an integrated cooling agent supply. The new tool holders are available with toggle clamp (ISO-P) and screw clamp systems (ISO-S). The integrated cooling agent supply directly to the indexable insert via ... [Continue Reading]

Increased performance for turning on state-of-the-art stainless materials

With the new turning grades BCM25T and BCM40T, Boehlerit has expanded its ISO turning programme, making optimised indexable inserts available for a wide range of applications on stainless steels. Now that Boehlerit has established its attractive and highly successful milling programme on the market, the carbide and tool specialist from the ... [Continue Reading]

Boehlerit developed an entirely new high-end milling programme

The new milling range of Boehlerit comprises 10 innovative tool systems and 12 new milling grades. All modern materials can be reliably and economically machined with the new tools that are fine-tuned to the requirements of face and step milling. The quality standards in milling have been defined by the Boehlerit cutting experts for decades now ... [Continue Reading]