Boehlerit developed an entirely new high-end milling programme

The new milling range of Boehlerit comprises 10 innovative tool systems and 12 new milling grades. All modern materials can be reliably and economically machined with the new tools ... [Continue Reading]

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Ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem breiten Programm von 20.000 unterschiedlichen Hartmetall-Rohlingen, die in der Formgebung bei Boehlerit gefertigt werden.

CVD diamond – The best cutting material for carbide

At Boehlerit, Europe's second largest carbide forming centre located in the Austrian town of Kapfenberg in Upper Styria, carbide blanks and pre-sinter parts are machined by means ... [Continue Reading]

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Boehlerit at Kapfenberg


Boehlerit, a story of success

Boehlerit is among the global leaders in the production of carbide materials for tools for metal, wood and plastics machining and has earned its reputation as pioneering developer since 1932. When the company was privatised in 1991 and included in ... [Continue Reading]

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